Top 5 Challenges in CNC Machining

July 23, 2019

The Top 5 Challenges in CNC Machining

CNC machining can produce an array of complex, precision metal components. The question is, can a part be machined efficiently -- making it cost effective for everyone involved?

Following are some common challenges to keep in mind.

1. Redesign work

One of the challenges is often not the process itself, but when machinist and design engineer are not on the same page. Drawings should be carefully reviewed to determine if the part can be made, how, and what attributes are most important.

2. Additional steps or processes

Realistically, not everything that is on paper can be made on a single machine or with the same process. Added steps and processes (such as from a third-party vendor) all have an impact on cost.

3. Complex machining

Here the challenge can be finding a vendor with a high degree of technical knowledge and experience. Experienced vendors know the best techniques to deliver a quality part and reduce the risk of tools breaking or wearing out.

4. Material selection

In CNC machining services, the choice of material is another critical consideration. For instance, tungsten is a material that not everyone can machine well. Or stainless steel -- while corrosion resistant and tough, it may not be the best choice when a burr-free finish is needed.

5. Communication

Good communication between everyone involved is essential to making sure a particular part can be achieved according to specifications, budget, and schedule. Discussing the process and steps before the work begins can uncover the most efficient methods and materials.

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