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How to Fine Tune Your Quote Request to Your Maximum Advantage

May 8, 2018 Joshua Jablons

Fine-tune your parts sourcing RFQ to your maximum advantage

Tackle the challenges of small parts sourcing and eliminate mistakes

These RFQ guidelines in simple, question-and-answer format will remove the mystery and help you make more informed decisions about small parts specifications. Armed with this helpful information, you can reduce frustration, maximize the accuracy of your quotes, and quickly and painlessly identify the right vendor for your sourcing needs.

Use this guide to learn:

  • 3 fundamental building blocks of parts sourcing
  • The difference between critical and noncritical tolerances, and how to choose the right tolerances for each part and each dimension
  • What you need to know to cut costs by sourcing raw materials yourself
  • How to avoid problems that arise from standard of measurement conversion and rounding
  • 7 simple rules that ensure accurate measurements and parts that meet inspection requirements

DON’T MISS OUT on this handy guide that takes the guesswork out of specifying requirements for small parts sourcing.

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