Guidebook for Resistance Welding Electrodes

May 1, 2019

The Definitive Guidebook to Resistance Welding Electrodes

See how these critical features can improve your resistance welding. 

Tungsten and Molybdenum based electrodes are outperforming the alternatives. See why.  

The welding of non-ferrous metals like copper employed in numerous manufacturing processes of electrical components demands special attention. But sourcing electrode materials like Tungsten and Molybdenum--which can achieve the necessary level of heat resistance--can be tough. This guide provides an overview of how to compare, select and troubleshoot these materials to ensure superior performance, every time. 

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn about resistance welding electrodes from this helpful reference guide:

  1. Optimal positioning of Tungsten and Molybdenum based electrodes for resistance welding.
  2. Recommended electrode materials and troubleshooting, including easy-to-use maps and diagrams. 
  3. An outline of mission-critical features for exceptional resistance welding electrode performance.
  4. Practical reference data including hardness of various electrode materials and room and high temperature, and crack resistance of Tungsten vs Molybdenum. 

DON’T MISS OUT on this handy guide that explains everything you need to know about resistance welding electrodes. Get your free copy now!

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