Secrets to Choosing a New Contract Partner

March 26, 2019

Secrets to Choosing a New Contract Partner

You're smart. You know what you want. 

So, choosing your next contract partner should be simple, right?

For businesses just like yours, finding a supplier who can deliver quality and on-time service can be the hardest part of your day, especially when it comes to heavily regulated industries.

How can you qualify a new sourcing partner and ensure an efficient, problem-free experience? The following considerations will help.


A vendor's responsiveness can be crucial to good supply chain function. Consider response times, points of contact, and how information is shared.


Expertise comes in the form of experience. Established organizations have proven workflows and a larger network of partners to support you. 


Experience goes hand in had with technical acumen and material knowledge. A supplier with knowledge can make smart recommendations based on functionality and end use.


Just because two companies supply the same product doesn't mean their sources or in-house quality standards are the same. 


Secondary services can offer a cost-conscious way to shorten your supply chain. However, be certain their methods meet your quality standards.


While lead times aren't the most important factor, a vendor should be clear so you can decide if they can support your project plans. 


Does the supplier maintain a consistent inventory of your material? Ask how they manage volume increases or rush orders if needed. 

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