Steps to Ensuring Your Measured Results Are In Spec

January 14, 2019

Steps to Ensuring Your Measured Results are In Spec

Across out industry, it's a given that customers, suppliers, and manufacturers all use calibrated devices to take measurements. But just because we all use calibrated tools, does not guarantee that everyone measuring the same part will get the same results.

How does this happen?

Each calibrated measuring device has its own tolerance, with accuracy to a certain amount. And the device used to calibrate that measuring device has an accuracy tolerance too. And on and on it goes.

The good news is, manufacturers take this into account when determining how to achieve your specifications. 

Here are some simple "rules" to help ensure calibrated measuring yields accurate and consistent results.

  1. Make sure you and your supplier are using the same type of device to do the measuring.
  2. Make sure that you are both using measuring devices that are correctly cross-calibrated.
  3. Provide your manufacturer with the measuring gage or other device you plan to use to verify the dimensions of your parts.
  4. The method of measurement, not just the device, should also be specified.
  5. Make sure all your measurement requirements are included in your drawings.
  6. Carefully consider what you really need to measure.
  7. Where practical, use a functional test, such as a go/no go gage.

By working up front with your supplier to define how parts should be measured, and the calibrated device to be used, you can greatly improve the odds that your parts will be in spec.

Check out more articles and videos in our Knowledge Center for additional quality assurance tips.

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