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Communication A vendor's responsiveness can be crucial to proper supply chain function, so it's important to know how committed a supplier is to quick, reliable contact. For example, what kind of protocol or best practices do they have in place for both customer corresp ondence and company wide news? Will you be dealing with a dedicated salesperson, or a general help line? And more importantly how quickly and efficiently can they respond to a concern or quality issue? Experience Expertise often comes in the form of exp erience. Though newer companies may still offer a quality product, those organizations that have a long history of service will not only have a more established work flow, but also a larger network of partners. You could start by simply asking how many yea rs a company has been in business. You can tell a lot about a supplier's ability to innovate and provide quality service based on longevity. How do you qualify a new sourcing partner and ensure an efficient and problem free experience? Considering the following 7 points in your search will give you the leverage you need to make a decision you can feel confident about. 7 Secrets to Choosing a New Contract Partner Technical Guide to Ou tsourcing Your Precision Metal Fabrication Reviewing a supplier's website is a great way to get a sense of their communication style. Consider… Do they list a general contact or give you access to specific departments or people within the company? H ow many methods of communication do they make availa ble? Just an email? Or local and toll free phone numbers, fax, document uploading and blog commenting? Do they have a presence on social media sites like Twitter, Linke dI n and Faceb ook? What's in a website? A quick reference guide to choosing a new contract partner in a complex marketplace.

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